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Want a Quick Federal Tax Refund? Think E-File

March 20081040

Expecting a refund on your 2007 federal income tax return? Want it quickly? Then e-filing your return is a smart choice. Get it even faster by having your refund deposited directly in your credit union checking or savings account. You may even qualify for free e-filing. How does e-filing work? This report describes e-filing.

Advantages of E-Filing

There are various reasons to chose to file your taxes electronically. Here are a few:


"Quick Tax Refunds" What's Real? What's Really a Loan?

March 2008irs_refund_check

You’ve seen similar ads and posters from income tax preparation services:

  • Quick Income Tax Refunds

  • Rapid Refunds

  • Instant Money from Tax Refunds

  • Get Your Tax Refund Money Today

Some check cashing services are also featuring similar promotions. And what about auto dealerships that urge you to use your refund for a down payment on a new vehicle or retail establishments who want you to put that refund toward new furniture, appliances, or entertainment centers. To help you do that, they’ll be happy to help you prepare and electronically file your taxes.


Binding Mandatory Arbitration: A Fact Sheet

Prepared by Remar Sutton & Associatescontract

What is arbitration?

Arbitration is an alternative method of resolving disputes in which two parties present their individual sides of a complaint to an arbitrator or panel of arbitrators. The arbitrator, who is supposed to be neutral, then weighs the facts and arguments of both parties and decides the dispute. Arbitration may be voluntary or mandatory.

What is voluntary arbitration?

In voluntary arbitration, both sides in the dispute voluntarily agree to submit their disagreement to arbitration after it arises and after they have an opportunity to investigate their best options for resolving their claim.


E-Statements and Managing Your Financial Accounts Online Can Offer Big Benefits

March 2007onlinebanking

Educators members are very savvy about online banking. Many Educators members take advantage of Educators WEBranch online banking service to manage many aspects of their credit union accounts online. That's terrific.

As you read more of my Remar's Reports, you'll find that I'm a big fan of managing your personal financial business online. Having online access to all your financial accounts (beyond your checking account) can offer increased convenience, efficiency, and, above all, security. Using e-statements, instead of paper statements, can also offer benefits. Of course, as the “end-use” consumer, you must follow good security practices, just like Educators and other reputable financial institutions do. This report profiles some of the potential benefits of managing most of your financial business online, including using e-statements, and provides tips for doing it safely.