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Using Debit Cards Wisely for the Most Benefit

March 2009debit-card-cash

Debit cards, also known as check cards, offer convenience in managing personal cash flow. In just a few days, I’ve observed people using debit cards to pay for purchases ranging from a pack of gum, bottle of water or cup of coffee to larger purchases such as weekly groceries, a tank of gasoline, or a set of new tires. According to surveys, many people are embracing debit cards because they felt that they can better track where their money goes and that they have less risk of incurring debt because purchases are deducted directly from their checking accounts. Used wisely, debit cards can offer these benefits and more. Like any tool, however, debit cards may present some pitfalls to users who aren’t careful or adequately alert. In this review, we’ll look at ways to ensure wise use for the best benefits from debit cards.


Protecting Yourself Against Attacks on Computer and Personal Privacy

February 2009protect-personal-info

In this challenging economic environment, you may be concerned about job, retirement or general financial security. Eager to take advantage of your legitimate concerns, a varied group of scammers and con artists are targeting your money and your personal information using a variety of online tactics. By taking a few simple steps you can protect yourself from even the latest ploy. This month's report describes the most common scam methods and describes steps you can take to avoid being caught.



Saving Money on Entertainment and Shopping


Depending on the time of the year, vacations, holiday shopping, and unexpected expenses can empty wallets. At times like this, you need some entertainment. But can you afford it? And you still have year-round shopping needs. What’s the best way to save money? This report offers tips to help you enjoy good times and good shopping at reasonable and reduced costs.

Saving on Entertainment

When the budget is tight, many people cut back on entertainment. But let the good times roll with these tips to save on books, DVDs, movie tickets, dining, and more.


Avoiding "Loan" Schemes and Other "Services" Risky to Your Financial Well-being

December 2008sign_contract

Economic hard times such as the nation is now experiencing bring out the schemes and scams that aim to make a buck on people who may be feeling pressure financially and who are unwary. In the last few weeks, I have seen dozens of ads and email solicitations for “opportunities” that could wreck an already stressed budget. So this month’s report details 1) some schemes and scams to avoid always and 2) some services that may be helpful in certain circumstances but that you must choose wisely how to use.



Saving on Health Care Costs


Health care costs can take a bite out of your wallet. Are you one of the many consumers who are concerned about health care costs? This month's report looks at various ways to help you save on health care costs.

Health Care Savings Programs

There are various programs established by Congress that can help you save money on health care costs. The following types of plans utilize either pre-tax or tax free dollars to pay for health care.

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Health Savings Accounts are tax-exempt savings account that allows account holders to pay covered health care expenses with pre-tax dollars. To qualify for an HSA you must:


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